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Some companies claim that their devices support weight loss or build strong ab muscles without requiring exercise. However, there is no evidence that a muscle stimulator can substantially change a person’s body.

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Studies in experimental models as well as in human subjects confirmed that EMS can increase muscle mass by around 1% and improve muscle function by around 10–15% after 5–6 weeks of treatment.


EMS therapy creates steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions–many of them over a sustained therapy session. This repetitive contracting and relaxing of the muscle has the effect of: Increasing circulation (blood flow) to the affected tissue area, which aids in repair.

How does muscle stimulation work?

For muscular stimulation, the pulses will reach the muscles, signaling them to contract. Pulses aimed at the nervous system block the transmission of pain signals from reaching the spinal cord and brain. The pulses also stimulate the body to produce more natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins.

How long does it take to see results from EMS training?

How long would it take before you see results with EMS training? Our clients usually report visible results within four sessions. It can take a little longer, or shorter, depending on your body weight and level of fitness when you come for your first session.

What are the side effects of electrical stimulation?

Side effects include redness and irritation to the skin which typically clears with topical moisturizer in 24 to 48 hours. The electrical current may start off as a slight tingling sensation and build to a pulling sensation.

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Microcurrent and EMS are both effective on the face, however the current range of microcurrent facial devices are more suitable for smaller surface areas, such as cheekbones, jawline and eyes. For the eye area and forehead, in particular, microcurrent is more effective.

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Although EMS can prompt weight loss in the whole body, research has shown that EMS is able to specifically target the abdominal area (a common problem area for most people). The research found that without modifying their diet or exercise, the EMS training was able to help candidates lose weight from their midsections.

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How often can I do EMS-Training? According to current expert opinions and the latest safety standards, you should not have more than one session during the first eight to ten weeks of training. After this adaptation period we recommend to keep at least four days in between EMS sessions.

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Can Tens be used for muscle stimulation?

TENS machines are used to relieve nerve, muscle or joint pain, which is often chronic and takes various forms, including inflammatory arthritis, back pain, foot pain, contractions during childbirth, or post-operative pain. Migraine pain can be relieved by specialised TENS machines.